Sunday, November 23, 2014


Is it nearly December!? Sheesh. Where did 2014 go?

Spring has been delightfully occupied by a myriad of sunshine, cultivating & feasting. And the office nook has been a hive of activity in preparation for the upcoming 'Holiday Collection' with a winsome bounty of loot scheduled for release on 1st December 2014!

This expanded 'Holiday' collection has you covered on all fronts...with goods suitable for seasonal fiestas, CHRISTMAS gifts & everyday treats. Win! Win! Win!

Although the official launch isn't until 1st December, you can preview this medley of loveliness NOW. Enjoy.

Image: Otis & Otto | B Goods Label 'Raglan Shift' / Jujumade Cluster Necklace

Thursday, October 30, 2014


Inspired by the poetry inherent with natural phenomena, NYC based botanical maven Briar Winters formulates environmentally conscious remedies designed to nourish your skin and spirit into winged resplendence!

Conscious to avoid artificial additives and scents, Briar thoughtfully handcrafts each product using seasonal, organic, fair-trade natural ingredients. Coupled with low-impact (& delightfully minimal) packaging, the Marble & Milkweed apothecary collection espouses a valuable personal and socially mindful philosophy - simplify the way you care for yourself and the planet!

A selection of Marble & Milkweed botanical alchemy will be available in the Otis & Otto Online-Shop soon. 

How soon!? Next O & O collection - due for release December 1st. Hurrah!

Image: Marble & Milkweed

Friday, August 29, 2014


Working at the intersection of sophisticated design and sustainable production, doyenne of California cool Jesse Kamm continues to woo us with her supreme output of creativity. 

Largely inspired by natural phenomena, Kamm espouses a deeply resourceful and mindful work ethic. Blending monochromatic palettes and versatile silhouettes, Kamm champions intuitive pieces 'built to last'. And this I can attest to! 

Upon receiving a piece from Jesse, my first thought was 'Holy WOWSERS - what an investment, I will own this forever' - true story! 

Jesse's inspiring ideology coupled with impeccable, ecologically sound craftsmanship provides a truly refreshing alternative (& antidote) to the overwhelming mass of rejectamenta floating around! 

I strongly recommend you get acquainted with JK & peep her FW14 collection pronto...

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Like remnants of an ancient citadel, Villas 'E' & 'K' by Studio KO architects Karl Fournier & Olivier Marty blend seamlessly into the rugged foothills of Morocco's Atlas Mountains.

A hybrid of modernist & monolithic details, both lodges are covered in locally sourced Ouriko stone, characteristic of the regional architecture & desert complexion. Just one of the many amaaaaaazing discoveries on my radar since I began manifesting our trip to Morocco.

Morocco. Oh. Yes. Please.

Image: Studio KO

Monday, June 23, 2014


Known for growing & manufacturing flax, Lithuania is fast becoming a leader in defining the natural lifestyle trend. Made & designed by two young Lithuanian artists, MUKU balances a cosy, muted palette with elegant silhouettes based on form & function. 

Designed with their 2 year old daughter in mind...durability, freedom of movement & natural fabrics serve as inspiration & essential criteria for developing their ranges. A similarly lovely line of adult clothing is also! 

Image: MUKU

Friday, May 16, 2014


A totem of femininity & renaissance chic, the ballet flat remains a loveable wardrobe staple, ideal for skipping & everyday meandering.

With a nod to the sartorial elegance of Audrey Hepburn & family-centric craftsmanship, Australian based online boutique Ballettonet recently launched another range of beautifully hand-crafted ballet flats with a notable provenance...'Roman Holiday'

Working closely with artisanal shoemakers across Italy, co-founders Stephanie & Ben Waters established their range of 'wardrobe evergreens' with a commitment to quality & a love of age-old tradition...the end result - a range of comfortable classics built to last! Mi piiiiiiiiace! 

See more of their lovely Autumn / Winter 14 collection here

Image: Clutch Woven Napa Ballet Flats | Ballettonet

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Since first arriving on the Mentawai archipelago in 2008, film maker Rob Henry has been documenting one of the last remaining ancient tribal cultures in the world. What initially began as a curious journey of anthropological fieldwork has since evolved into a deeply personal & captivating medley of film, kinship & a vision to help raise awareness for a community on the precipice of extinction. 

The Bui Mareureu Baap : As Worlds Divide documentary film identifies a fundamental correlation between a previously flourishing tribal culture & the impact of Western modernity. The film, together with the recently established not-for-profit IEF organisation (Indigenous Education Foundation) aims to raise awareness & support for a community based indigenous education model, critical to preserving the legacy of this truly extraordinary ancient civilisation. 

Pending release of the Bui Mareureu Baap film, you can pledge your support for the 'Suku Mentawai Education Program' through donation or purchase of a 100% organic cotton IEF T-shirt, printed in Australia.

To follow Rob's fascinating journey & join in the dialogue, visit the As Worlds Divide Blog, Facebook & Twitter!   

Image: Rob Henry | As Worlds Divide

Monday, April 7, 2014


Defying the usual cacophony of sound, visitors & domestic detritus typical of our weekends, I managed to squirrel away some time for the blog yesterday. H U R R A H ! 

To update you briefly, I've been following the work of a few inspirational artists & makers whose unfussy approach to design has helped to liberate our tiny closet space & reaffirm my 'built to last' philosophy when contemplating new purchases. 

The organic textures & neutral palettes of Jesse Kamm, Jujumade, Black Crane, Bandelier & Tracy Wilkinson have all been on my radar. Ironically, they are all based in California...where I'm campaigning we move to - so it's a sign, right!? 

Working with ceramics & leather, Juliana Hung of Jujumade crafts a range of beautiful, playful wearables including bangles, necklaces & bags. 

You N E E D to see her latest SS | 14 collection! Looky here!

Image: Jujumade

Monday, February 10, 2014


Since graduating from Art School, self taught clothing designer and sustainability advocate Lisa Hackwith has immersed herself in the process of crafting quality wardrobe staples. 

Impervious to passing trends, Lisa's wonderful melange of versatile, transeasonal garments are released slowly, as individual pieces rather than a grouped collection. Simple, beautiful, enduring classics to be kept in your closet for years to come.

Naturally, small batches of such loveliness are highly coveted & RARE so be quick to follow Lisa and all things Hackwith Design House via Instagram

Keep your eyes peeled for Hackwith Designs in the Otis & Otto shop later this year too...! 

Image: Emily Suzanne Photography / L&E Photography

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Nestled in the halcyon surroundings of Dunedin, NZ Gemma Cagnacci & Andrew Meehan's humble cabin offers a glimpse at life free from the vast surfeit of stuff & inessential objects we've become accustomed to. Their modest, uncomplicated retreat is punctuated by deeply personal mementos & natural materials concordant with the idyllic landscape. 

Gemma has a wonderfully cultivated eye for detail & shares many of her design inspirations & photographic essays via her highly popular design journal / blog Line x Shape x Colour. To see more of their dreamy Dunedin retreat . . . click here.

Images: Gemma Cagnacci / Line x Shape x Colour

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