Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Since first arriving on the Mentawai archipelago in 2008, film maker Rob Henry has been documenting one of the last remaining ancient tribal cultures in the world. What initially began as a curious journey of anthropological fieldwork has since evolved into a deeply personal & captivating medley of film, kinship & a vision to help raise awareness for a community on the precipice of extinction. 

The Bui Mareureu Baap : As Worlds Divide documentary film identifies a fundamental correlation between a previously flourishing tribal culture & the impact of Western modernity. The film, together with the recently established not-for-profit IEF organisation (Indigenous Education Foundation) aims to raise awareness & support for a community based indigenous education model, critical to preserving the legacy of this truly extraordinary ancient civilisation. 

Pending release of the Bui Mareureu Baap film, you can pledge your support for the 'Suku Mentawai Education Program' through donation or purchase of a 100% organic cotton IEF T-shirt, printed in Australia.

To follow Rob's fascinating journey & join in the dialogue, visit the As Worlds Divide Blog, Facebook & Twitter pages...now!   

Image: Rob Henry | As Worlds Divide

Monday, April 7, 2014


Defying the usual cacophony of sound, visitors & domestic detritus typical of our weekends, I managed to squirrel away some time for the blog yesterday. H U R R A H ! 

To update you briefly, I've been following the work of a few inspirational artists & makers whose unfussy approach to design has helped to liberate our tiny closet space & reaffirm my 'built to last' philosophy when contemplating new purchases. 

The organic textures & neutral palettes of Jesse Kamm, Jujumade, Black Crane, Bandelier & Tracy Wilkinson have all been on my radar. Ironically, they are all based in California...where I'm campaigning we move to - so it's a sign, right!? 

Working with ceramics & leather, Juliana Hung of Jujumade crafts a range of beautiful, playful wearables including bangles, necklaces & bags. 

You N E E D to see her latest SS | 14 collection! Looky here!

Image: Jujumade

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