Thursday, December 24, 2015


If you're oscillating between the beach & home like many of us this summer (Hello Global Warming), then you'll be needing a snazzy stockpile of togs!

Inspired by the sheltered coves of Saint Tropez & the seductive landscape of Cinque Terre, SAN TAYLOR swimwear is an ode to the unconstrained & carefree European summer. 

Designed & made in Australia, bikini queen & all-round-cool-chick Kathy Taylor has mastered the perfect combination of sexy, sophisticated, luxury (whilst also focusing on superior quality & craftsmanship) to produce a timeless set of togs created for women 'who want to feel womanly, confident and liberated'. W O R D! 

Do yourself a favour & slip into a slice of Mediterranean luxury right now...the St Tropez is waiting for you. 

Image | Kathy Taylor 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


In an attempt to avoid seasonal interlopers & inevitable last-minute kvetching (Christmas shopping), I've decided to get off my bum & get organised NOW. 

If you're looking for gifty ideas for little people, here are a couple of my favourite things...


BONTON | Alpaca Pocket Cardigan
Woodland Tale | Soft Critters
Plant Planet | Seasonal Fruits 25 x 19" Print
Evie Barrow | Original A5 Painting
Fabrik Store | Single Bed Sleeping Bag
Fanny & Alexander | Heirloom Wooden Tool Set

Ho Ho Ho. Only 5 weeks to Go!

Monday, November 16, 2015


From Victoria's culinary pearl, The Macedon Ranges, R A W Chocolate is handmade in small batches by chocolatier extraordinaire Casey Pringle. You'll find her sifting, slowly melting and pouring the same Peruvian Cacao goodness for you as she does for her own family. MIAM.

Casey's handcrafted deliciousness is sans dairy - soy - refined sugar & assembled using organic - raw - fair-trade ingredients. Chocolate that ticks all the boxes!

Looking for a tasty Christmas stocking filler? Um. Yep. Do. It.

Available via the Otis & Otto store now.

Image: Tara Pearce

Saturday, November 14, 2015


Despite post-holiday malaise, I've been gathering some superb content for the bloggidy-blog & it's about time I shared the newness & cuteness with you. HUZZAH!

Spotted via Etsy, Felting Dreams exquisitely crafted forest nymphs are probably the cutest little tinkers EVER!

With a fondness for petit forest dwellers (currently re-watching The Borrowers) & Ratatouilles enigmatic protagonist Remy...I know what I'll be adding to my Christmas wish-list! 

Image | Felting Dreams 

Monday, August 10, 2015


With plans to escape the arctic tundra very soon (Goodbye Victorian Surf Coast - Hello Europe!) I'm thinking about sunshine, sandals & swimsuits. And vin blanc...lots of V I N!

What usually presents itself as an irritating annual challenge - swimsuit shopping post Winter, now seems easy thanks to Nu-Swim.

Designed & manufactured in California, Nu-Swim offers a tidy selection of minimal, affordable & timeless togs. Oh. So. Refreshingly. Simple. 

Thank you Nu-Swim. I'm ready for the pool now...and that glass of wine! 

Image | Nu-Swim

Thursday, July 9, 2015


Although I've enjoyed revisiting some of my favourite childhood reads since becoming a parent, I find it difficult to resist gobbling up new reads for mini...there are just SO MANY AMAZING BOOKS for little folks these days...and BIG folks too! 

Here are some of our go-to reads, do you have a favourite? 

Home | Carson Ellis
Julia, Child | Kyo Maclear
Georgina & Dad the Dragon | Katrien Pickles
PEOPLE | Blexbolex
Just Being Audrey | Margaret Cardillo
Henri's Walk to Paris | Leonore Klein

P.S - Georgina & Dad the Dragon is available in the Otis & Otto store HERE

Monday, June 15, 2015


This morning I spotted a sweet little softie via Jodi's dreamy Practising Simplicity IG feed. Smitten, I swiftly tracked down his originator - Rachael Ashman of Grandy & Baa

A fellow Melburnian & busy lady, Rachael expertly juggles making - baking - motherhood and by that I mean - in between blogging, gardening, sharing her culinary adventures & raising two children, she sews together cute softies for us to snoodle. Seriously A M A Z E. 

Whether you are looking for les enfants présents parfaits or a treat just for moi, Grandy & Baa's cosy collection of Gazelles, Racoons & Frenchy inspired mini-folk are sure to delight! 

Go on...get snoodling! 

Image | Grandy & Baa

Monday, April 27, 2015


If you haven't had the good fortune to spot one of racheljOK's dreamy tapestries in person, you'll be sure to see one in your Pinterest or Etsy feeds soon. Self-taught Melbourne creative Rachel Johnstone has been busy honing her craft & weaving up a storm since taking on the loom 2 years ago!

Inspired by Melbourne ex-pat & cult fiber craftslady Maryanne Moodie, Rachel initially started by teaching herself the basics. Experimenting with a cornucopia of techniques & colour palettes, Rachel has steadily developed a diverse range of bespoke weavings...ranging from free-form organic compositions to statements of bold, geometric colour. Smitten with fiber-art (& highly skilled), Rachel has quickly became a stalwart of the local market scene & launched her own successful Etsy store. Go girl!

In keeping with Melbourne bonhomie, Rachel also hosts sweet little workshops for others keen to learn! You can keep up to date here.

Image | racheljok

Friday, February 27, 2015


Hooley Dooley. Sorry for the inexpiable lapse in communication's been a relentlessly chaotic (& prodigious) start to the new year! 

In honour of my recent travels, I thought I'd kick things off with a mini-guide to Hobart, Tasmania. Just a 50 minute flight from the mainland, Australia's island state capital city is a quaint, cultural blend of painterly landscapes, locavore-friendly eateries & early settler architecture. And it's fair to say my (close-second) favourite city. The closet archaeologist & neophyte farmer within me could easily call Tasmania home...

Just outside the CBD, landlubbers will be charmed by the cobbled bluestone streets & rambling Georgian cottages of Battery Point. Buccaneers & salty sea dogs alike will similarly be captivated by the nearby barnacle clad pylons of heritage listed Salamanca Wharf

There's plenty of goodness for hungry sightseers looking for homegrown nosh & alcoholic elixirs too! Where are your favourite hangs in Hobart?

Places I visited & liked :

Providore by Ethos - Hobart CBD
Lark Distillery - Hobart CBD
Pigeon Hole Cafe - West Hobart
Jackman & McRoss Bakery - Battery Point
Bahr's Sweets & Milkbar - Battery Point
Pollen Tea Room - Battery Point
Moorilla Winery | MONA - Museum of Old & New Art - Berriedale 
Bruny Island Cheese Co - Salamanca Arts Centre
Pilgrim Coffee - Hobart CBD
Franklin - Hobart CBD

P.S - Looking for a place to stay? See 'The Barn'. Swooooon.

Image : Otis & Otto | Providore by Ethos, Hobart

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